1. Patrick Boyns

    Filming at Corby

    For several days over the past couple of months the British Bible School building at Corby was transformed into a production studio as we began filming for our new Access Learning Programme. The main studio action for our first, pilot series, has now been filmed but we have a number...
  2. Patrick Boyns

    BBS at ABSS

    The Advanced Bible Study Series (ABSS) at Gemünden, near Frankfurt in Germany has a history spanning nearly five decades and for the last several years has had a teaching slot filled by the British Bible School. This year was the best attended in recent memory with several needing to stay at...
  3. Patrick Boyns

    Spring 2015 Newsletter

    Featuring: Study weekends, new magazine and funding / Two new venues / BiBloS – the magazine / Ongoing training / Can You Help Us to Help Others? Download BBS Newsletter Spring 2015 http://britishbibleschool.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/BBS-Reflections-5-15.pdf